Ice flows

While knocking off the monthly half marathon (now 35 in a row) at Staunton State Park, I came across this nifty little sign about 6 miles from the trailhead. There is an ice flow going down the trail that is about 4” deep, and which could make for some great inadvertent skating!


View from Bergen Peak

This was the view this morning from the top of Bergen Peak in Evergreen, looking west. Everything is choked with snow - including the trail up, which appears in the lower right corner of the photo. Elevation about 9,600 feet. This is a stiff trail run of about 2,000 vertical feet over 3.5 miles.


Backcountry skiing shots

Our favorite cat skiing operation, Steamboat Powdercats, shut down for the season yesterday, with 104 recorded days of operations during the 2018-2019 ski season. Here are a couple of shots of us from our seven days of skiing with them this season (and yes, they have a photographer):


...and this is why we wear cleats

Just did a 10 mile trail run in Falcon Park, which had highly variable conditions. The snow from the recent storms was heavily packed down and frozen in on the north-facing aspects of the Turkey Trot trail, so it was pretty much solid ice for a mile or so (see photo below). This is why we wear cleats!


Half marathon in the snow

I just completed the monthly half marathon trail run (34 months in a row so far). There were snow showers in the parking lot at Staunton State Park, but that ended fairly quickly. Still, there was a lot of snow from the massive snow storms of the past few weeks (see the photo below). Luckily, the park staff had run a snowmobile through a number of the trails, which packed down the snow somewhat (see the trail grooming sign below). Incredibly, someone else was going through on a fat-tire bike!